The Millionaire Tour (2011/12)

A mysterious cab passenger who is taken hostage must show the hijackers that he is not the con man they set out to kill. The con man takes advantage of mistaken identity. Lot of mind games and escape ploys will determine the thrill of the movie

Initial release: 2011
Director: Inon Shampanier
Producer: Jaime Burke
Screenplay: Inon Shampanier, Natalie Shampanier

Outstanding thriller taken on a low budget. The suspense is fabulous. Just show the patience to watch till 20 minutes and you will go by the flow. The ending is one of the best I have seen. This can be compared to the movie Phonebooth.

American Assassin

American Assassin is a 2017 American action thriller film directed by Michael Cuesta and written by Stephen Schiff, Michael Finch, Edward Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz, based on Vince Flynn’s 2010 novel of the same name. The film stars Dylan O’Brien, Michael Keaton, Sanaa Lathan, Shiva Negar and Taylor Kitsch, and follows young CIA black ops recruit Mitch Rapp, who helps a Cold Warveteran try to stop the detonation of a rogue nuclear weapon.

The film was released in the United States on September 15, 2017, and has grossed over $62 million worldwide. It received mixed reviews from critics, who described the plot as mundane, clichéd, and without thrills, but praised the cast’s performances


Get Out

Get Out is a 2017 American horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele, in his directorial debut.  The film follows a young interracial couple who goes to  the woman’s parents house and uncover a conspiracy of  young black men are being captured for a purpose.

Directed by Jordan Peele
Written by Jordan Peele
Daniel Kaluuya
Allison Williams
Bradley Whitford
Caleb Landry Jones

My Review

Fantasy movie but I like the way the movie takes it turn. It is a one time watch movie . It is really a thriller but seems meaningless for a common man.


Wind River

Wind River is a 2017 American neo-Western murder mystery film written and directed by . The film stars Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen as a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service tracker and an FBI agent, respectively, who try to solve a murder on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming. Gil Birmingham and Graham Greene also star. According to Sheridan, the opening “inspired by true events” card was a reference to the “thousands of actual stories just like it” involving sexual assault of women on reservations, his primary motivation for writing the film..

DIRECTOR Taylor Sheridan

STARRING – Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen


Beautiful movie.. Well written. Show us the life and culture of different group of people. I was always fascinated by native India culture. Feelings are being presented in a touching manner. Jeremy Renner Character is so touching. Could see the life and enjoy the movie as well as the way of life of native Indians