Sommersby (1993)

Based on the French film The Return of Martin Guerre, Sommersby is the story of a presumed-dead soldier who returns home to his wife . Neither his wife nor his friends can quite believe the changes the Civil War has made on the soldier, and soon several people begin to wonder whether this is the real guy.His wife, Laurel, is set to marry her neighbour, Orin Mecham, but he mysteriously returns after six years.

Director: Jon Amiel
Actor : Richard Gere, Judie Foster

I love this movie. It is taken very well. I am not really ok with ending. I sometimes think Judie foster and Richard Gere are the actors of the century. Must see.. I rate this movie very high

Auggie Rose or Beyond Suspicion((2001)

Life insurance person John Nolan goes to the liquor store where he witnesses the fatal shooting of Auggie Rose an ex-convict on his second day as a stock clerk. Auggie was returning from the back of the store with a bottle of wine John had requested – The bottle out front had a broken label. That made the robber shot him and kill him. Then he feel responsible and starts a double life one of Auggie Rose. He meets his pen pal, Anne Heche and falls in love with her.
STARRING Jeff Goldblum, Anne Heche
DIRECTOR Matthew Tabak

Movie is just ok but I like the ending.Jeff Goldblum is not the apt actor for the role.Anne Heche is also may not be the right actor. She is best for the roles like “six days seven nights”. The main characters are out of line with the roles. I feel sorry for her current girl friend who have to leave abruptly. This is just like a hindi drame but something I like in the ending which I cannot express

The Merry Gentleman(2008)

Running away from a troubled marriage, Kate Frazier hopes to find anonymity with a new home and a new job in Chicago. When Kate meets Frank Logan, the two discover unexpected satisfaction in their mutual shared silence. Haunted by the troubling choices he has made

Director: Michael Keaton
STARRING : Kelly Macdonald


I like Michael Keaton and that is the reason why I decided to watch this movie. It is just an OK Movie. One time watch but Kelly Macdonald is cute. I can’t believe any one other that her in that Role. It is sometimes boring and sometimes movies. Watch if you can enjoy slow movies. Michael Keaton hat seems interesting.I love the way they complement and comfort each other. Their relationship is really beautiful

Blue Jasmine (2013)

After her marriage to a wealthy businessman collapses, New York socialite Jasmine goes to San Francisco and the modest apartment of her sister, Ginger . Although she’s in a fragile emotional state and lacks job skills.Jasmine still manages to voice her disapproval of Ginger’s boyfriend, Chili. Jasmine begrudgingly takes a job in a dentist’s office, while Ginger begins dating a man and more to see in the movie

Director: Woody Allen
STARRING: Blue Jasmine ,Alec Baldwin,Sally Hawkins

There are so many layers of meaning. The characters are deep, not superficial and vacant like so many other films. May Woody Allen live forever!!!! Pure genius.Cate Blanchett was fabulous, but so were the others. She deserves an Oscar. Her transformation is fabulous. I never look into the directors when I see a movie. Now I see every one is talking about Woody Allen. Great work Woody Allen.

Return to Paradise (1998)

Lewis , Sheriff and Tony are three friends vacationing in Malaysia. Sheriff and Tony eventually goes back to pursue careers in New York, but Lewis stays behind to work with orangutans. Two years later, Sheriff and Tony learn that, because of their actions, Lewis has been arrested for drug possession. With Lewis facing a death sentence. The can come back and save Lewis. They are left with a difficult decision: return to Malaysia and split Lewis’ sentence. He will be hanged otherwise.

Directed by Joseph Ruben
Based on Force Majeure by Pierre Jolivet
Vince Vaughn
Anne Heche
Joaquin Phoenix
David Conrad
Jada Pinkett Smith

One of the touching movies I have seen. There are lot of moral complication that can come.I liked this movie, great actors, nice cinematography, a beautiful music score and above all a touching script with a great moral message. There are lot of moral complications that goes in this movie. This is absolutely a great movies.

Joaquin Phoenix acting is also amazing. I found Anne Heche beautiful.

Color of Friendship(2000)

In 1977, Piper Dellums a black girl who lives in Washington, D.C. with her father, Congressman Ron Dellums an outspoken opponent of the South African system and the sufferings of black South Africans, her mother Roscoe Dellums and two younger twin brothers. Piper, who has been taking an interest in the different nations of Africa, aks her parents to host an African exchange student. The plot goes like that with the feelings of exchange between these two children.

Written by Paris Qualles
Story by Piper Dellums
Directed by Kevin Hooks
Carl Lumbly
Penny Johnson
Lindsey Haun
Shadia Simmons

It s a television movie but it is one of the most beautiful movie I have seen. I came to know about the books Alex Haley and his book “Roots: The Saga of an American Family” from the movie. I learned about Steve Biko, South African anti-apartheid activist from this movie. This movie is made in a small frame but absolutely beautiful. It is so great that we end the world of Apartheid. It is must watch for kids.

This movie was so real i was too involved in my feelings at the end when the Ron Dellums was talking about the birds with different color living together. It was a true story that actually happened. I heard that Mahree Bok got killed working for Black people. I may be wrong too. Must watch though not a flamboyant movie.

12 Years a Slave (2013)

When two men offer Solomon Northup a fortnightly job as a musician in the US, he gladly takes it up. But on reaching his destination, the two men drug him and enslave him.12 YEARS A SLAVE is based on an incredible true story of one man’s fight for survival and freedom. In the pre-Civil War United States, a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery.
Director: Steve McQueen
Lupita Amondi – One of my favourite actor from Qween of Kwatwe.
Chiwetel Ejiofor – Absolutely gret performance.

I learned a lot from the movie. I am in the assumption that all african americans are slave before american revolution. It actually depicts the pain of slavery. It is insult we have to face being a slave of another person. Must watch and one of my favourite all time.Slavey is one of the worst thing in history. I felt bad for black people who hard on them by evil people. I always respect to black people in my heart and wish racist never exist.

Autumn in New York(2000)

Autumn in New York follows the sexual attitude of Will Keane, a New York restaurateur, infamous verging-on-50 playboy, master of the no-commitment seduction until he runs into an unexpected dead end when he meets Charlotte Fielding.Womanizing guy falls in love with beautiful woman only to find out she has terminal , and he matures caring for her.

Directed by Joan Chen
Richard Gere
Winona Ryder

Not a big fan of short hair but she sure wears it well . Those eyes well , I hooked . Fell in love with her character in this involved movie . This was well done. Sometimes, we feel boring but overall it touches us.The story is very common. This is taken in a nice way This is not the best of Richard Gere but you will enjoy every second


John is presumed dead after he fails to return from the Civil War. His wife, Laurel, is set to marry her neighbour, Orin Mecham, but he mysteriously returns after six years.The film is a remake of “The Return of Martin Guerre,” a fine French film from the early 1980s, which starred Gerard Depardieu and Nathalie Baye in the story of a rural woman who waits many years for her husband to return from the war. When he finally does return, he seems like a different man.
Directed by Jon Amiel
Richard Gere
Jodie Foster


Two of my favourite actors acting it. Judy Foster and Richard Gere. It is an amazing story. Story of a kind. More over it is taken beautifully. It is so romantic that we fell in love with both characters.Both managing to somehow convey the deepness of their mutual longing without ever having to hang from the chandeliers to prove it. Gere, in particular, demonstrates a maturity and confident sense of what it is about him that works best, while Foster, through her overt primness, conjures up an effective sense of the barely involved passions of the period.

The Painted Veil (2006)

Caught in an affair with another person (Liev Schreiber), a scientist’s beatiful wife (Naomi Watts) goes with her husband (Edward Norton) to mainland China in the 1920s to fight a cholera epidemic. There, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery that leads to an unexpected chance at redemption.

John Curran

Edward Norton
Naomi Watts

One of the best movie I have seen. I loved the ending of this movie! Edward Norton deserves an oscar. This is the Somerset Maugham story!.You can’t blame man or woman.You can only accept the change that’s happening &move forward with it. It is life , you may end up in relationship. You are an human being. This is really a true story. This even depicts the sexual orientation of ordinary people