Out of Time(2003) Published Date  :  January 17, 2018

A police chief entrusts his mistress with cash seized from a drug raid. When she turns up dead, evidence points to him. With the FBI hot on his trail, he races against time to prove his innocence.Denzel Washington plays the part of a sheriff in a steamy Florida resort town. He is more or less a good guy cop who has fallen on some of life’s difficulties. As a result, he gets into a major jam where he has to solve a double murder case very quickly

Romantic scenes are so good in this movie. There is good entertainment in the movie. As always Densel Washington is so good.It has no major mistakes, I enjoyed it to the core, well done directos, actors, producers, screenwriters and all the indiviuals involved in the making of the movie.

Director: Carl Franklin
David Collard
Starring Denzel Washington
Eva Mendes
Sanaa Lathan