Marjorie Prime(2017) Published Date  :  January 14, 2018

A service creating holographic projections of late family members allows a woman (Smith) to spend time with a younger version of her deceased husband (Hamm).

Marjorie, a woman in her 80s, sometime around the year 2050, is experiencing bouts of dementia. To bring her comfort, she speaks to a computer program designed to look like her late husband, Walter, who died 15 years earlier. Julie (Andujar), her caretaker, also moves in with the family to watch over Marjorie and also confides in Walter. Marjorie has chosen a youthful version of Walter, which disturbs her daughter, Tess (Davis). Tess refuses to speak to the computer program that looks like her father. Marjorie tells stories of her life to Walter Prime, and enjoys listening to him tell them back. Sometimes she asks him to embellish a story to make it better the next time he tells it, so the new story will become her new memory

Director: Michael Almereyda
Jon Hamm
Geena Davis
Lois Smith
Tim Robbins

This is a complicated movie. It is surely taken on a low budget. The actors are all in special mood. The introduction of prime is a new concept(I guess, I have not seen before).LIke the acting of Lois Smith. Never seen her movie before. There is no thrilling experience. It is not an entertainer. Chance for an oscar nomination. MMMMM. One time watch