Auggie Rose or Beyond Suspicion((2001) Published Date  :  January 11, 2018

Life insurance person John Nolan goes to the liquor store where he witnesses the fatal shooting of Auggie Rose an ex-convict on his second day as a stock clerk. Auggie was returning from the back of the store with a bottle of wine John had requested – The bottle out front had a broken label. That made the robber shot him and kill him. Then he feel responsible and starts a double life one of Auggie Rose. He meets his pen pal, Anne Heche and falls in love with her.
STARRING Jeff Goldblum, Anne Heche
DIRECTOR Matthew Tabak

Movie is just ok but I like the ending.Jeff Goldblum is not the apt actor for the role.Anne Heche is also may not be the right actor. She is best for the roles like “six days seven nights”. The main characters are out of line with the roles. I feel sorry for her current girl friend who have to leave abruptly. This is just like a hindi drame but something I like in the ending which I cannot express