Blue Jasmine (2013) Published Date  :  January 9, 2018

After her marriage to a wealthy businessman collapses, New York socialite Jasmine goes to San Francisco and the modest apartment of her sister, Ginger . Although she’s in a fragile emotional state and lacks job skills.Jasmine still manages to voice her disapproval of Ginger’s boyfriend, Chili. Jasmine begrudgingly takes a job in a dentist’s office, while Ginger begins dating a man and more to see in the movie

Director: Woody Allen
STARRING: Blue Jasmine ,Alec Baldwin,Sally Hawkins

There are so many layers of meaning. The characters are deep, not superficial and vacant like so many other films. May Woody Allen live forever!!!! Pure genius.Cate Blanchett was fabulous, but so were the others. She deserves an Oscar. Her transformation is fabulous. I never look into the directors when I see a movie. Now I see every one is talking about Woody Allen. Great work Woody Allen.