Sommersby(1993) Published Date  :  January 3, 2018

John is presumed dead after he fails to return from the Civil War. His wife, Laurel, is set to marry her neighbour, Orin Mecham, but he mysteriously returns after six years.The film is a remake of “The Return of Martin Guerre,” a fine French film from the early 1980s, which starred Gerard Depardieu and Nathalie Baye in the story of a rural woman who waits many years for her husband to return from the war. When he finally does return, he seems like a different man.
Directed by Jon Amiel
Richard Gere
Jodie Foster


Two of my favourite actors acting it. Judy Foster and Richard Gere. It is an amazing story. Story of a kind. More over it is taken beautifully. It is so romantic that we fell in love with both characters.Both managing to somehow convey the deepness of their mutual longing without ever having to hang from the chandeliers to prove it. Gere, in particular, demonstrates a maturity and confident sense of what it is about him that works best, while Foster, through her overt primness, conjures up an effective sense of the barely involved passions of the period.