Time out of Mind(2014) Published Date  :  January 2, 2018

George seeks refuge at a Hospital, a Manhattan center for homeless people, where his friendship with a fellow people helps him try to repair his relationship with his daughter.Oren Moverman’s “Time out of Mind,” about a homeless and probably mentally ill man trying to survive in New York City, does not feel like a typical American independent drama made in this century. It’s set in harsh reality and shot with a simplicity and directness that demands the viewer’s full attention.

Oren Moverman
Richard Gere

I consider this hugely under rated. Atleast understand the life of a homeless person. Even in the role of a homeless person, Richard Gere looks so handsome and captivating.Poor response may be due to the fact that some people have got no time or sympathy or emotional accord for people who are homeless and living on the street and also Not many major films depict the homeless as the main characters. Its about time. Glad they made this. Hopefully it will change people’s perception. I don’t say a must watch but trust me it clearly depicts a kind of a life.