Arbitrage(2012) Published Date  :  January 2, 2018

The story revolves around Robert Miller, a billionaire who faces crisis in his financial and personal life as he turns sixty. Robert Miller the only one who gets to make—and break—the rules. And the movie uses that premise to present to us a series of valuable lessons.

Directed by Nicholas Jarecki

Richard Gere
Susan Sarandon


Richard Gere was simply Awesome. He is best in his role.Richard Gere does the perfectly cut Italian man of a billionaire magnate who suddenly finds himself caught in some issues he cannot buy his way out.It always shows that success will always comes with cost of relationships. Though Robert tells his family he’s finally learned what matters most in life: his relationships with them.His wife and daughter knows that there is sincerity issue in his approach. This also shows the relationship between daughter and father. Movie is always moving and it visually good to watch.