Time Lapse (2014) Published Date  :  December 20, 2017

Three friends discover a typical machine that takes photos twenty-four hours into the future, and planned to use it for personal benefits. Then they started getting disturbing and dangerous.Time Lapse is a American sci-fi thriller and the directed by Bradley King. The film is upon a group of friends who discover a machine that can take pictures of things 24 hours into the future.Using an engaging combination of action and philosophy, TIME LAPSE is an real thriller that not only keeps the people guessing, but also explores questions of pre-determination, free will and destiny

Director: Bradley King
Danielle Panabaker
Matt O’Leary
George Finn

One of the interesting time travel¬† movies i have seen lately. I am glad i have seen this movie, loved it. It starts slow and then grows into a complex and dark movie. Its one of those movie which makes you keep you in your mind even after its over.¬†If you love time travel movies you should watch this! I’m a big fan of movies like this and this was well written and a fantastic plot.