Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) Published Date  :  December 20, 2017

Three employees head out on an assignment to interview a guy who placed a classified advertisement seeking a companion for time travel. The people is left to believe that Kenneth is mad at this point but what really happened is that on his first trip back through time, Kenneth did something to save Belinda’s life that changed reality . Assuming, she would have been killed in 2001 by a car crashing into her house, Kenneth changed that fate by crashing a car into her boyfriend’s house. This was the “I’ve only done this once before” part of the time traveling ad Kenneth posted. Belinda is alive, but has no memory of dating Kenneth because that never happened in this new reality. Belinda is alive and well but is now married to someone else while Kenneth works in a grocery store trying to put together a new time machine so he can go back to fix things in 2001 again so this time he can marry to be with Belinda.It is stated that way, but is implied, that Kenneth and Darius went back in time to save her mom and that Kenneth has now let go of trying to change time and be with Belinda again because he is now with Darius.”

Director: Colin Trevorrow
Derek Connolly
Aubrey Plaza
Mark Duplass

It is not the great time travel movie.But is is simply beautiful touched people heart and sou. You feel refreshed and in a good mind set. There is a craziness in this movie but you are going to enjoy that. Not the greatest but worth watching.